★ These past few weeks have been a crazy time of facing life, death, and wondering if what you’re doing is what you are even supposed to be. Abnormal cells found in my uterus. Referral to a gyne oncologist. Wondering where God is in the midst of suffering.

★ Laying it all down and focusing on what’s important…isn’t that what we should always be doing anyway? Living simply in communion with God at all times. Quieting down the noise and distraction of this peaceless world. Praying.

★ 7 months and I’ve seen again that God’s here in the midst of it all. I see Him all around, even in the colours of the changing leaves and in this new strength I have as my years hit 50.

★ So here’s to HOPE, renewal, strength, and resilience built not on self but on the Rock of Someone much bigger and kinder; greater and wiser. Roots going deeper and deeper still into the love of Christ.

➣Trees with deep and extensive root systems weather the storms of life well. The wind blows and the rains come yet the tree remains standing strong as a testimony to it’s Maker.

✌ NO CANCER found friends. Yet the slowing down remains. More treatments still to come and a further realization of the goodness of God. I’ll probably write a song about it someday. ♪

★ So I’ll continue to Make as my Maker leads. Sometimes in jewelry, sometimes in song, sometimes in the recesses of my mind where self meets with the Divine. These creations I make. They help me heal. They also help others heal as much as my offering is small.

➣ We all have something to give. I think we do what we can as best as we can.

♥ I’ll see you around friend. Here, there, and wherever we meet next even if it’s just on this thing called social media.

Tiffany xx


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