In the Night Hours

In the Night Hours

Awake again. 🌙

✩ I thought I’d sleep well tonight. Melatonin to make sure, but here I am. The clock flashes 4:35. Made it past the 3am grind.

✩ Being awake mid-night brings a comfort and dread only known to prayer warriors and insomniacs. There’s something beautifully haunting yet comforting about the late night/early morning hours. Reminds me of this vehicle my dad had in the 70’s. Half truck half car. Didn’t quite know what to be so it embraced both.

✩ The clock ticks so I take the battery out. Don’t need a reminder of time passing second by second as I lay here, thoughts reflecting on the strangeness of my last dream and the crossover between fantasy and reality. There’s secrets in the night hours God reveals to the available.

✩ Morning comes closer and so does the thought of

“how will I get through another day without sleep.”

Note to self. Take more melatonin tonight.

✩ The silence is beautiful yet eerie. Breath seems so loud and I realize the wonder of this body and life that keeps going at the sound of God’s voice. Note to self. Write your dream down. It could mean something. Also, thank God for the breath in your lungs. Only He knows how long it will last.

✩ Night dwellers. There’s evil and righteousness taking place right now. Such an odd thought as I lay here. Somehow we think the world revolves around us and whether we can or can’t sleep. The dark hours seem to hide the wicked but there’s many on the wall of prayer, even now, fighting for good to prevail. And it will. What’s that sound? Just my stomach. Note to self. Eat something healthy next time. Am I supposed to be praying?

☼ The curtains brighten. I know light is on the horizon. Somehow it’s a hopeful and daunting thing all at once. Turn your phone off and stop writing. Go to sleep. Yes I know, I’m trying.

☼ There’s a crossing over where God reveals in the light what happens in the dark. I’ll see you in the light, friend.

Tiffany x

2 responses to “In the Night Hours”

  1. So relating to this blog as I lay here wide awake. Next to me is my sleeping husband. At my feet is my cat stretched out in a deep comfortable sleep. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🙏

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