Fashion after 50

Is that a thing? I mean, was I supposed to suddenly change my wardrobe the day I went from 49 to 50? 👗

♕ I guess I’m lying right off the bat. This photo was of me last year, taken at 49 for my last fashion Instagram account called “Love Tiffany xo” (that account name is now taken by someone else, not me by the way). It was just starting to pick up speed and I somehow let an unheard shame come on me for being a Christian with an interest in fashion and style. It didn’t seem quite ‘Christian enough’ to be concerned about looks and what to wear. I think though that having an interest in the creative aspect of expressing oneself in fashion without an obsession over looks, is an art form like any other. So here I am being me again. By the way, that blouse I’m wearing is from Winners (doesn’t fit anymore, want it?) and that dog was recently rehomed due to a bite on a kid – my kid to be exact (major tears).

That’s one thing 50 definitely brings – a not caring about what other’s think and a strength to be authentic.

♕ I still have most of the same clothes but really the only difference at 50 is that they fit a little tighter. My fashion style hasn’t changed much this past year other than the fact that I don’t get dressed up much anymore. I mean what’s the point? I work from home, teach from home, and am pretty much in quarantine still due to asthma and an impending major surgery. I don’t get out much to shop these days and I’ve also decided to step more into a minimalistic closet and wardrobe. Why waste money if you don’t need to? There’s something about simplistic living that I’m getting more and more keen to.

Honestly, too much ‘stuff’ gives me hives.

♕ So, amongst many other topics, this blog will include some great fashion finds for women in their late-30’s to 60 that are classic, affordable, and accessible. Most of my shopping comes from super basic places like Winners, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Vici, and yes, Walmart. If you can’t buy it online or in a fairly local store, I likely won’t be wearing it. If it costs a ton I also won’t be modeling it (unless of course someone gifts me something fantastic, hint, hint! ;)) I love to support businesses with heart, locality, and Kingdom-mindedness and am often sporting my own creations from my Trumpet + Tassel jewelry line. I would love to collaborate with other makers and creators to let other women know of great fashion finds that are either handmade, local, socially conscious, stunning, and/or affordable.

I won’t wear what I don’t like or believe in though, just for more followers and likes.

♕ These great fan tassel earrings come from my Trumpet + Tassel line. I’m wearing them in both photo’s and they literally go with everything. Unfortunately, that particular color is now sold out but there are lots of other great colors, especially for Fall/Winter 20, available while they last. I always like to share a great sale and this is a great one – the entire shop is 25% off! Go to this link to purchase. 10% goes to fight cancer.

♕ There’s certain trends that never die, or if they do, they take a long time to do so. Call it a a Stevie Budd look from Schitt’s Creek but it’s definitely one of my Fall go-to looks. So easy, affordable and cute! Get the boots at Blundstone and the plaid shirt at Ardene’s. Same earrings. They literally go with anything.

♕ That ends some of my past looks from 49 that still work at 50. Let’s move along and see what the Winter 20/21 holds for style gals!

Tiffany x

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  1. Timeless beauty ❤️❤️

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