Neutral Basics Love

Back to basics. πŸ‘’

β—¦ I love basics. Sometimes I think what I wear is so plain and boring, why would anyone else even want to know what I’m wearing? In reality though, basics are building blocks to great style at any age or size. Pair your basics with neutral colors and boom…you’ve got a recipe for classic style. Don’t get me wrong. I love a pop of color here and there, and there’s ALWAYS a place for a jewel-toned or floral dress, bright earrings, and a colorful scarf, but there’s just something timeless and lovely about neutral colors. Think beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray, and shades of white.

β—¦ Once you’ve got your basic wardrobe down you can start having some fun! Pair your neutral basics with a new trend or two like tassels and a hat. Finds like these bring your basics to life and they also get leveled up by your key pieces. I find that it’s in the trendy fashion elements that I can really express myself. They’re also the most fun to purchase and wear.

β—¦ What are your favorite basics? I have a few, but the ones I’m wearing in these photos are:

  1. Black jeans – any brand works. I love both skinny high-rise and bootcut although I would say a straight-leg is going to ride out the trends longer than the others. The ones I’m wearing here are more of a straight-leg which can be trickier to cuff at the bottom, but do make sure you cuff with booties.
  2. White T-shirts – oversized are best (the one I’m wearing in this post is a men’s). Tees look super cute partially tucked or tied in the front.
  3. Cardigans – layer, layer, layer – my most worn piece! I wear cardigans so often, mainly because I’m usually cold, but they’re also fantastic to cover the butt and they make wearing tights more modest. If you can afford it, cashmere will never go out of style but the one I’m wearing gives the same look for an excellent price.

β—¦ If animal prints are considered a basic, I would definitely add them to my list at #4. Quick note – if you wear animal prints, don’t overdo it! A hit here or there is just right. I wouldn’t normally wear, or recommend wearing, more than one animal print at a time, but I got crazy on y’all and have on both a leopard-print belt and snakeskin-print booties here. Ahhhh, the quarantine is getting to me! (in my defense, the belt is quite small and only peeks out from the t-shirt so as to not overwhelm). You don’t want to look like Carole Baskin. Just saying!

Hat: H&M Minneapolis; Men’s T-shirt: Boathouse; Cardigan: H&M Jeans: Walmart; Belt: H&M; Boots: Call it Spring (not exactly the same but on sale!!); Jewelry: Trumpet + Tassel

β—¦ I love all types of hats and toques and have just recently made a hat wall in our bedroom because brimmed hats can get really wrecked if you toss them in the wrong place (lesson learned). I’m a definite ‘Hat Girl’ if there ever was one. Yet, I’ve heard so many other women say, “I can’t wear hats.” Well, I beg to differ! If you’re someone who would love to wear a hat, do it! If you think you’re too old, you’re not! The Baker Boy/Captain’s Cap is so flattering and covers up a bad hair day (or bad quarantine haircut) really well. The one I’m wearing is from H&M in Minneapolis but there are so many places that sell them in various colors and styles for great prices such as SHEIN. Give your hair a tuck on one side or if it’s long, put it in a messy low bun in the back with some tendrils on the sides or leave it hang. Rock it!

Men’s T-shirt: Boathouse; Cardigan: H&M Jeans: Walmart; Belt: H&M; Boots: Call it Spring (not exactly the same but on sale!!); Jewelry: Trumpet + Tassel; Haircut: Me; Painting; Me

β—¦ And finally, let’s not forget under-garments. I recently discovered the amazing Canadian company called Knix. They have fantastic underwear in neutral colors for a variety of sizes that I seriously love! I have had such a difficult time finding underwear that fits and is comfortable and was so relieved when I found this company. They also send a free lingerie bag with purchase so you don’t wreck your products in the wash.

β—¦ Now don’t get cheeky on me. I’m not about to show me wearing them but check out their website just in time for Christmas (tell the hubs!) The Leakproof Boyshort in any of the Nudes is my fave for underwear, although they now have a Super Leakproof choice as well. I find their wireless bras are uber comfy – I like the Padded V-Neck Bra with the Wide Strap. I also just ordered their FreshFixAir Face Masks in Black so I’ll let you know what I think when they get here (not a sponsored review). They also carry sports and loungewear.

Tell me about your favorite basics that come in neutrals and look good on women of various ages and sizes. I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Tiffany x

2 responses to “Neutral Basics Love”

  1. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Love all of this! I have this eternal wrestle inside as I absolutely love crazy unique colourful pieces, and yet absolutely love basic neutrals (especially soft greys ☺️☺️). Learning slowly how to balance and even mix both to find my true personal style. Also, I’ve always wanted to be a hat girl but have yet to find a hat other than baseball caps that I love. You’re inspiring me to keep looking πŸ’›

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    1. Awesome!! I get that whole balance thing. It’s so tricky but fun 🀩 Thanks for the comment! I want to go hat shopping with you πŸ’—βœ¨

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