Define Your Goals for 22: What’s Your Word of the Year?

☆Finding your word for the year is a great way to state, clarify, and focus your goals, dreams and intentions for the year.

☆Think about what has become important to you, or what you really want to work on. Grab a beautiful journal and get to work writing down the first words that come to mind that help move you towards your dreams, hopes, and goals, and that bring positive change to your life. Brainstorm! Usually, the first few words that pop into your mind are the ones that are most important to your life. Jot them down and choose one.

☆Having a hard time thinking of some ideas? Ain’t no shame in the Google game! Give the internet a quick ‘Word of the Year examples’ search and get some inspiration! A word might just pop out at you that encompasses what you want to focus on over the next few months.

Here’s some examples to help you out:

☆Last but definitely not least, pray. Hey, God made you so I think He might just know what He has in store for your life for the next year and so on.

☆Early in December, I started thinking about the new year and asking God what He had in store for me in 22. It really didn’t surprise me when this word popped into my mind because I’d kind of been doing it over the past couple of years; really since covid hit the world. Covid has been many things but one thing it has definitely been is an isolating time to help me see what needs to stay in my life and what needs to go.

☆…the word I got was DETOX:

☆Detoxifying is not only ridding the body of toxic or unhealthy substances but it can also be used in reference to life in general, especially when it comes to relationships. Ever been in a toxic relationship or spent 8 hours a day at a toxic workplace? Those are just two examples of how detoxifying can become a must-do and the perfect word to focus on for the year.

☆Once you decide on your own word, make sure you write it down and pin it up somewhere you can see it. When the going gets tough it’s a good idea to have your word of the year and a vision board that utilizes your word in clear view to keep you on track and bring you hope. Check out my blog post here from last year if you want to do a vision board as well! My next post will be on the digital vision board that I created this year and how to go about creating one for yourself!

☆What word did you get for 2022? Did you post it up in your office or on your fridge (or some other place you’re likely to see it on a daily basis)? I’d love to hear from you! Comment below or send me a note! I hope this post helps you get your year focused and rolling in a positive direction!

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