10 Trusted & Tried Things to do When You’re Bored in a Pandemic

There have been so many days of aloneness. Loneliness. Boredom. Survival.

This pandemic has been a slice. A slice of literal poo, that is. The days drag on and there are so many moments of pure loneliness and fatigue. I’m never one to cover up. It’s just the truth.

What to do in these seemingly unending moments? I’m not going to lie. I sleep. A lot. I rest. I read. I watch tv. There are many times and days when I’m doing nothing “useful” or “spiritual” or “good” unless, of course, you count taking care of yourself; when you’re worn out and tired, continuing to live for one more day counts for more than “just” something.

If you’ve just been hanging on please remove the “just”. You’re a boss and I’m so proud of you.

Days come when you have a bit more energy. When the sun is shining and you think you can do more than merely survive. When hope rears its head and your energy is more than a 1 or 2. That’s when you look at this post. This is for when you’re ready to go beyond survival and take in the beauty of another day.

Here’s a list of some things that might be fun to explore alone or even with friends or a partner. I hope it kick-starts your mind to think beyond the four walls of your current experience, and to once again find wonder in your day. Fighting boredom has become more common than not these days. I’m here to help you remember how to discover something new in yourself and in the world!

10 Things to Do When You’re Bored in a Pandemic

  1. Go for a long walk in nature. This one is interesting when you live in the middle of freezing cold Canada. Maybe take the “long” out of this suggestion but still get outside. It’s one of my best pieces of advice and one that I continually need to remind myself of. There’s something about getting fresh air, sunlight (even on a cloudy winter day), and a fresh view of the grandeur of nature when you’re in the doldrums. It always lifts my spirits and sets me back in a healthy frame of mind, not to mention it’s just good for you physically. Whether you take a friend, take a pet, or just take yourself and God, you won’t regret this one. Ps. my doctor’s best advice is: just purpose to walk to the corner of your street. (Trust me, this advice works even on the worst and most depressing days).
  2. Blog or journal. Today was one of those days. Boring, lonely, and tiring. Sitting down to focus and put thoughts to paper (or computer screen) is seriously so theraputic. In fact, I totally forgot just how therapeutic it is until I did it again. Like right now! You might not consider yourself to be a “writer” per se but being able to put yout thoughts down not only gets them out of your mind, freeing up space to take in and learn new things, but it has been documented to actually be healing for the human soul. Writing a successful blog is something I can help you with (hey, an idea for another blog post!) but just journaling to express yourself no matter whether it’s ever seen by another person or not is one of the best things you can do when you’re alone and bored. You never know! You might find yourself loving this new hobby!
  3. Have a dance party. Ok so I’m over 50, overweight (thanks again pandemic), and overtired but there’s NEVER a bad time to put on your favorite tunes and dance the blues away! Love the ’80’s or some TikTok viral songs, or maybe your fave praise gospel songs about fighting the devil (hey, now THIS is something I can get into), then sloth your way over to your music player or streaming app and trust me. Just hit play. Dance like nobody’s watching (’cause they really aren’t) and pretty soon that blood will be pumping back up into the brain spreading out good ‘ol serotonin and you’ll be smiling in no time (especially if you catch yourself in a mirror). This has been done in my house in pajamas and slippers with a dog in tow and it has always produced a smile. And don’t worry. If you’re wheelchair bound or can’t walk well, you can always chair dance! I know you’re going to have fun and I’m smiling right now just picturing you all!
  4. Play. I started writing this suggestion in terms of playing an instrument but then realized of course that not everyone does that. Yet the main word here is to PLAY: to engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. to amuse oneself, as by taking part in a game or sport; engage in recreation. Playing is the key word and I think it’s something we forget to do as we age. Add on commitments and the worries of the world and it seems like playing gets pushed further and further into the background. Well I’m here to say bring it to the forefront today. Play something. Maybe it’s an instrument but maybe it’s a game, or a puzzle, or playing around in clay or paint. Muck about friend! Go make a stop at a craft or gaming store. Play a kids video game or get out your dusty hobby and just do it for fun. Think it’s a waste of time? I challenge you to put on a timer to play for 10 minutes and see what happens! Do something online and meet a new friend!
  5. Learn something new. Take an online class or a class in person. This pandemic has allowed many people to have the time to set aside to really focus on themselves and upgrade their education. I for one have used this time to read the Bible and go back to school in Christian Life Coaching. I’ve also taken the time to learn a new business and try new things like makeup artistry! I say this not to brag on myself but to encourage you. If I can do it YOU certainly can! With a mood disorder to battle it is just that, a battle, but I know that if I can do it with so much against me that that only provides more encouragement to others out there. There’s so many free classes online not to mention all of the free YouTube tutorials and video’s that teach you just about anything you might want to know. Need help find them, just let me know! Have the finances to invest? Purpose to take that class or degree you’ve always wanted to take. Take it slow and just do one class. Even with a lack of energy, it will give you something to focus on and you’ll come out of this pandemic knowing someting more than what you went into it with. Remember, what’s your life purpose and did it get derailed over the past few years? Take some time now to refocus on you. Do it!
  6. Read. This seems like an obvious no-brainer but I really want to encourage you to take this time to read something of worth. Sure there are days when a good fluffy book is exactly what you need to just get through the day, to set your mind at ease and to escape. And I also know some of my followers are not Christians like myself, but I really want to encourage you to try reading the Bible from cover to cover. Even before I became a follower of Christ I thought it was just a good reading goal; something I should do before I die (a bucket list goal). But as I read it this past year, in context and as a whole, I realized so many things about myself, about the world, about my Creator, and about many of the things I once believed and that I couldn’t even find them in scriptures when taken in context. Maybe you’ve been a Christian for awhile and have done this before. Do it again from front to back. Maybe you don’t believe in God. Read it as a book and let me know what you think when you’re done. Find the YouVersion app (it’s free) and has every Bible version available plus tons of great 1 Year Bible Reading plans. You won’t regret this amazing use of your time.
  7. Declutter and purge. Go Marie Kondo on your home and declutter and purge your stuff. I’ve been in this process and it is so freeing. If you have too many things or just things you no longer use, why not be a blessing to someone else and gift them? Or maybe you need some extra cash. Well, here’s the perfect way to make a bit of coin on the side. Use Facebook Marketplace and start getting rid of things that are cluttering your space and bringing you down. Are you super sentimental? That’s ok but consider only saving one item to remind you of a special person or place instead of a few. Have clothes hanging in your closet you’re never going to fit into again (let’s be honest), gift them or sell them. Bring them down to your local homeless shelter. Have the funds? Hire an organizer to come help you get rid of stuff that’s tying you down and cluttering not only your space but your mind. Reorganize your drawers and you’ll feel a burst of energy come back into your home and your soul.
  8. Text a friend or join an online support group. Much of the pandemic has been isolating so if you’re also feeling this way, it is great to reach out if you can and if not, try an online support group that you can even just surf before getting really involved in. This can help you feel less alone and more a part of something. Let’s face it. We need some sort of human connections in this world and however you can safely get that right now is ok. Start a side hustle that has a great community of people to support you and for you to support. Use technology like FaceTime or Messenger Video to talk to a loved one. Go for coffee with a friend if you’re comfortable with meeting in person. Look forward to it by setting the day and time in a new fancy journal. Use your best teacup when you’re surfing or go to a totally new coffee shop or drive through.
  9. Plan a vacation. Traveling is a beautiful way to expand your world. A pandemic is a tough time to travel but there’s joy in planning a getaway for when life is a bit more stable. Google a beach vacay or a place you’ve always wanted to see. The hope of seeing new surroundings and getting out beyond your four walls is exciting and will spark new joy in you if you enjoy traveling. Try some travel apps or do some virtual traveling right from the comfort of your favorite chair. Where are you going to go next? The end of the pandemic seems closer when we plan beyond it and see possibilities again. What’s up on my list? The Rockies and Hawaii!
  10. Help someone else. There’s nothing like helping someone else to ease loneliness. Check out local volunteer opportunities in your community. Bring a neighbor some baking. Use your skills to help someone less fortunate. Write a letter to someone in hospital. Sometimes just the process of taking our eyes off of our own problems and helping someone else is enough to make you feel better. They’ll be blessed and you’ll be even more so.

Tiffany x

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