The Rocking Chair: Life Visioning

In my Christian Life Coaching course, I’m learning so many useful exercises to help others on their journey through life.

A few days ago, I posted on social media about ‘Looking Outwards’ and how doing something for others and bringing enjoyment or appreciation into their life can be one of the most rewarding activities.

Today, I’m looking at The Rocking Chair exercise from Emma-Louise Elsey. Most people have some kind of vision for their lives—whether you’re aware of it or not. But maybe you’re struggling with motivating yourself to reach goals within that vision or maybe you’ve lost your vision. Whatever it may be, choosing and prioritizing goals can be made easier by Life Vision Journaling and this exercise is one way to get started.

It’s inevitable that learning about helping others in turn helps oneself. Today’s exercise did no less than that and surprised me a bit with my answerssee if it does the same for you! Write out what you imagine with the below questions in as much detail as possible and then assess your answers. Let’s go!

The Rocking Chair

Pretend you’re 90 years old.

  • You’re happy, fulfilled, healthy, and you’re taking some time to look back on your ideal life.


Questions to ponder and write about in your Journal:

Who are you as a person?

What do people value about you?

What have you achieved in life?

What are you proud of?

What gives you fulfillment?

What can you currently see and hear?

How are you feeling?

What shows that you’re happy?

How did your life unfold in: family, friends, your significant other, career, health, and home?

What did you do for fun?

What did you learn?

What did you do in service and leadership?

What did you do for or in your community?


What were your results and did they line up with the life you are currently living and working towards? Is the life dream and call that God has placed in your heart being worked in or towards?

What was this journaling experience like for you? What surprised you? What did you learn about yourself?

Next Steps

Now that you’ve done the journaling exercise and some basic assessments, what are you going to do with those learnings? Will you change your life trajectory by making goals and committing to moving towards completing them? Or are you on track and need to continue working on your goals?

I hope this exercise helped you to reassess where you’re at at this point in your life journey. I know for me, it made me realize I haven’t been working in a couple areas of my life that I once greatly enjoyed and thought I could contribute to.

Let me know what your journaling revealed to you! I’d love to hear from you!

And keep watch! You’ll be able to sign up for one-on-one coaching with me in the future when I graduate and can offer you even more assistance in areas such as this.

Tiffany x

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