About Me

Hey! I’m Tiffany.

⋆ I’m a 50-something homeschooling mom trying not to be a hot mess while living through a pandemic. I live in a small Canadian town with my son and husband, and a crap-ton of migrating birds. In our backyard. The birds that is.

⋆ I took to blogging as a place to vent after being diagnosed with endometrial pre-cancer. It’s my personal space to talk about all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and faith. It’s a mod-podge of my brain which is flawed and real and sometimes highly medicated. I hope it inspires women to become all they are meant to be and to LEVEL UP!

⋆ Check out my gear at Peachy Keen Gear and my makeup and skincare line at LimeLife by Alcone.

⋆ Random things about me:

  1. I was 50 years old in September! Ahhh where does the time go?! I still feel 29 at heart!!
  2. I have a 12 year old son and 1 hubby lol (who could handle more hubby’s than that? ;)) We met at the ski hill in Kananaskis, Alberta yearssssss ago and got married in Jasper Canada in 2000 
  3. I’m also a network marketing professional and I LOVE what I do!
  4. I’m a somewhat retired and possibly back-at-it Christian worship leader and minister (can we ever really retire from worshipping?? No!) I play the piano, guitar, sing, and I led worship for 14 years. I was also a painter, photographer, writer…basically, I love creativity! I also love equipping the next gen of worshipers!
  5. I was an actress in my 20s. No I won’t tell you what I’ve been in.
  6. I’m originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (say that really fast 5 times) and now live in a little town in Manitoba Canada
  7. I recently had major surgery for cancer prevention and recovered at home as I work from my phone — you guys rock!!
  8. I absolutely love my family, walking on my treadmill, and supporting and repping small fashion businesses that I can get behind
  9. I have my own accessories and soon-to-be clothing brand called Peachy Keen Gear that gives $1 away/purchase to world-changing non-profits
  10. My morning drink is peppermint tea with cream and I love ending my day in the hot tub
  11. I love to laugh and I love being with funny people
  12. Aside from equiping worshipers, my passion is helping women love themselves, become financially independent, and feel beautiful and confident!

Thanks for joining me on this part of my journey! Send me a note! I’d love to hear a fun fact about you!

Tiffany x