The Rocking Chair: Life Visioning

In my Christian Life Coaching course, I’m learning so many useful exercises to help others on their journey through life. A few days ago, I posted on social media about ‘Looking Outwards’ and how doing something for others and bringing enjoyment or appreciation into their life can be one of the most rewarding activities. Today, […]

Define Your Goals for 22: What’s Your Word of the Year?

☆Finding your word for the year is a great way to state, clarify, and focus your goals, dreams and intentions for the year. ☆Think about what has become important to you, or what you really want to work on. Grab a beautiful journal and get to work writing down the first words that come to […]

Giddy-Up: Kicking Butt After 50

Are Hunter Boots still in style? How about tights and hats for fall? Um, yes, yes, and yes!! Look, I for one am not about to spend over $200 on a pair of rubber boots for them to be out of style in a couple years. I mean how can rubber boots ever go out […]

Coming Back to the Heart of Worship

Where it’s all about You, it’s all about You, Jesus. I was just getting ready to type this announcement and this song popped into my head. What is it about ‘The Heart of Worship’ by Matt Redman that always seems to ring true and never gets old. The Heart of Worship When the music fadesAll […]

The Deck and Me

Today I stained my deck. It seems mundane. A task we ‘have’ to do when wood gets worn and unseemly. And it had already been a long day. My mother had gone into surgery this morning for a massive tumor and hysterectomy. The same surgery I had just gone through in January. Four months now […]

The Back Road

Wandering down the abandoned prairie road brought her peace. It was the kind of trail she imagined once held horses and buggies and later old jalopies. The one where the cool summer breeze rustled through trees and down shady lanes full of dandelions and wild flowers. If she silenced her heart enough, she could still […]

God, Dreams & Entrepreneurship: Part I

I’m not talking about daydreaming. 💤 ▫︎Don’t get me wrong. Having dreams is important, but I’m talking about the dreams you have when you’re asleep. The ones that shake you, rock you, and leave you wondering if they actually happened. 💭 For God does speak—now one way, now another— though no one perceives it. In […]

The Oversized Blazer: Wearing the Trend at 50’ish

Women’s Blazers. 🧥 ■ These “men’s-wear-inspired” pieces have been a women’s wardrobe staple since the 1950’s. Fitted blazers and pantsuits have been around for about 150 years, but today’s newest trend is the oversized blazer worn in a variety of ways. And can you wear it at middle age? You bet gurl!! ■ Remember when […]


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