Giddy-Up: Kicking Butt After 50

Are Hunter Boots still in style? How about tights and hats for fall?

Um, yes, yes, and yes!! Look, I for one am not about to spend over $200 on a pair of rubber boots for them to be out of style in a couple years. I mean how can rubber boots ever go out of style in the first place?! There’s rain, there’s boots needed. ‘Nuff said. To me, these wellies are a great pair of boots that will forever ride the waves of footwear trends. Splish, splash, get me a puddle STAT!!!

Call me silly (not), but as soon as I pull on a pair of Hunters, I feel like I’m about to ride off into some amazing equestrian dream (paired with an gorgeous sunset of course), or perhaps a great night-time drama like Yellowstone or the Heartland. Want to get the look? Then don’t forget:

  1. A Hat – seriously, are these EVER going to go out of style??? My collection is growing. This one is from Urban Outfitters. They often have awesome sales. They also cover crappy covid hair. Bonus!
  2. A Fitted Blazer – oh my giddy-up goshness, how I love a good blazer! This one is from one of my fav stores still, H&M. They always have such great basics at fairly decent prices to boot!
  3. Leggings – yup, you heard me. Over 50 and wearing leggings? Sure, but I do keep a couple style points in mind when I do so: black, black, and black. Leave the cuckoo-printed ones for the kids, ladies (or for loungewear…at home). And black is going to pull it all in, if you know what I mean, and give you a great and easy boot tuck. After my hysterectomy, my gut isn’t looking like it used to FOR REAL, so I love to pair them with a longer T or knot my T in front to bring in my waist. Don’t care? Rock it the way you love to. You go girl.

Don’t forget a fresh face! Make sure you’re using vegan and organic skin-care and cosmetics as often as you can. Did you know that it only takes 60 seconds for what you put on your face to hit your bloodstream? I for one and not willing to put crap on my face anymore.

If you’re ready for products that are good for you AND look amazing on aging skin (plus fight aging), then check out LimeLife by Alcone. You can order everything I’m wearing at my link here. Message me if you want a skin consult or foundation and concealer colour match! I got you!

I’d love to see you wearing these boots or products! Message me your photo wearing one of my suggestions for a chance to be featured in one of my blog posts!


Tiffany x

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, I receive a commission.

The Oversized Blazer: Wearing the Trend at 50’ish

Women’s Blazers. 🧥

■ These “men’s-wear-inspired” pieces have been a women’s wardrobe staple since the 1950’s. Fitted blazers and pantsuits have been around for about 150 years, but today’s newest trend is the oversized blazer worn in a variety of ways. And can you wear it at middle age? You bet gurl!!

■ Remember when everything had to be super sleek and fitted? Well, keep your classic blazer for another day because the oversized blazer trend it just that —oversized! Big. Boxy. Bold. Think loose, long sleeves, with just a hint of those 80’s padded shoulders. If you’re my age, this should be that touch of nostalgia you’re maybe looking for.

This look can stand for an even larger size then what I'm wearing. I sized up to a Large for reference. Blazer - Ardene
How to wear it:
  1. Pair the look with leather leggings and a cami like I did above.
  2. Pull out your favorite denim, hoodie and sneakers for a full-on Dad look.
  3. Make it more office-appropriate with matching trousers and a button-down.
  4. Jazz it up even more buttoned over a mini skirt, dress, or shorts with knee-high boots or sandals and a bralette.

■ What’s your favorite way to rock this trend? If you haven’t tried it yet, will you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Tiffany x

Lacing Up a Budget Friendly Outfit: Boxing Day Errand Style

Budget friendly casual style is my kind of style. 💰

⋆ Now I’m not saying I don’t love expensive things. I mean if I did, I’d be lying! But that being said, if I can find stylish items that are cute and affordable, to me, that’s a double win I can’t ignore. I would rather spend money on my family more than myself, so I tend to look for fashion that will hold up and not break the bank.

⋆ Check out this affordable outfit I put together for an every-day casual look. Super perfect for going out to pick up your Boxing Day sales today! This outfit incorporates one of my favorite current trends: combat boots. To get this look, you can go for the pricier Dr. Marten’s for around $200 CDN or check these babies out at Ardene’s for only $30 CDN! I won’t say the quality will be the same—obviously you will get better quality and real leather with Dr. Marten’s or another comparable brand—BUT, if you’re just looking to rock this trend without spending much money, these are a great option. They’re super cute and look pretty close to the real thing. I’ve worn them out to the post office in about 0° C weather and they’ve been great. I haven’t felt cold or wet from melt. I also like that they have a side zip for easy peasy put-on and take-off.

These prices are pre-Boxing Day Sale - you can probably pick everything up for way cheaper today!

⋆ Pair these boots with your favorite boyfriend jeans or distressed high rise denim and you’re off to a running start! I bought mine online from Vici Collection (everything in this boutique is a must purchase) in the style Bailey. Unfortunately, last time I looked, mine are sold out but keep an eye out! I would size them exactly as you normally fit. I went up a size because I thought the boutique would likely fit smaller girls but I actually think I could have gone with my normal size. I found these Dani distressed high rise denim that are also super cute!

⋆ Hold them up with my favorite leopard print belt from H&M (currently sold out!) or this similar one from Mark’s. Honestly, this belt is a closet must-have! When not using it with your denim, you can use it to cinch a pretty summer dress, T-shirt dress, cardi, or blanket scarf. The uses are seriously endless and you can bet this print in a thinner belt won’t go out of style quickly – it’s a classic print and not big enough to be gaudy.

⋆ I must admit this is the kind of look I wear most days—casual, comfortable, neutral and classic. Being a true Canadian girl, I’m usually cold so sweaters are a definite need! I found this knit sweater (in black of course) and sized up from a L to an XL to give an oversized look I could front tuck to show off a bit of belt. For $16 CDN I’m not sure why I didn’t buy more colours! Find this steal and do it. I do find that Ardene’s fits smaller than other stores.

⋆ Get yourself a good pair of gold hoop earrings or check out my cheap knock-off also at Ardene’s ($10 CDN for 2 pairs of different sizes! Yes m’am!) and you’re good as gold! A gold hoop goes with everything, anytime, anywhere.

⋆ Is this an outfit you would wear and feel comfortable pulling off? I honestly think this look would be great on a size 0 up to any plus size! I also don’t feel out of place wearing this style in the middle-age range. Would you wear it? Let me know below, I’d love to hear from you! Have a great Boxing Day! I hope your Christmas was merry and bright!

Tiffany x

Boho Love + Self-Care

Rock it.

⋆ That’s what I’ve been trying to do. Rock the quarantine. Rock the depression. Rock the gray hair. Get up, show up, and level up. Ok, ok, some days I don’t want to get up and other days I don’t even get up but I tell you, nothing helps the doldrums more than a fresh face of makeup and some new clothes!

Get up, show up, and level up.

⋆ I should have showed you the ‘before’ photos. Yikes. Prior to this ministry break I was burnt out, tired, unhealthy, and on the verge of letting bitterness take root in my heart. Ladies (and men) don’t let people, or yourself for that matter, tell you that self-care isn’t important or isn’t spiritual enough. It is. You can’t give people anything if you are completely worn out or worse yet, dead. You have a calling here? Take care of your spirit, but also your mind AND body too so you can fulfill it! I’m learning. Self-care is so important.

Now on to outfit deets!

⋆ As you know, I love a good basic tee. This one is from Ardene’s in an XL because I don’t love a cropped top on a 50 year old! I went a little bigger than usual so I would avoid biscuit-tummy hang-out and it also gives me some room for a cute front tuck. If you don’t like skin-tight shirts either then size up. I also love neutral colours, one of which is olive green. I honestly think this shirt was only $6 CDN. Score on this find.

I went a little bigger than usual so I would avoid biscuit-tummy hang-out.

⋆ I have to admit, the faux leather pants look is amazing! I had a pair a year or two ago, before it was cool I guess. They’re too small on me now so I got these ones at Ardene’s. Let me tell you, these leggings are so comfortable, not hot (my prior ones made me so sweaty), and they look fantastic dressed up or down! Don’t want your butt to show? Make sure your tee is longer in the back or pair it with a cardigan!

⋆ Obviously I love my accessories. I don’t think I would have spent the past 3 years handmaking custom jewelry for women if I didn’t. Accessories can really bring an outfit from drab to fab in seconds! I love layering necklaces and bracelets and really showcasing my mood and personality with the pieces I choose. You can too by going classic with a simple gold chain or by going more bold with bright colours or statement accessories. Tassels add that trendy boho look that, so far, doesn’t seem to be going out of style.

⋆ The things that you purchase can even help change the world. 10% of my brand’s income goes to world-wide non-profits that are making a difference in the world. Right now I’m trumpeting The Canadian Cancer Society, just one of the many non-profits that we have given to over the past few years. There are lots of amazing brands out there, jewelry included, that are socially conscious and kingdom-minded. Watch where you spend your money and, when you can, try to partner with businesses that align with your values.

⋆ Now let’s talk makeup. I’ve been wearing makeup since the 7th grade. For real. My sister is 4 years older than me so I had lots of beauty influence and help as a young girl growing up. Over the past few years, I haven’t really taken makeup and beauty stuff too seriously. My biggest requirement in a mascara was that it wouldn’t run when I led worship (come on where’s my church girls at?!) Most days I don’t wear any makeup, especially in the summer, but I LOVE to experiment and create with it! Honest post right here – I got completely addicted to watching YouTube makeup video’s during this quarantine. Yes, I said it. I love watching these amazing women transform themselves from pretty to gorgeous with colour, powder, and creams. It’s just so fascinating and satisfying! If you’re at all creative you probably enjoy it as much as I do or trust me, you will if you watch just one video.

For this look, I used—
  • Rimmel Insta Flawless Primer
  • Stila Hide & Chic Liquid Foundation in Light 3
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Concealer in Porcelain (not recommended)
  • Nars ‘Orgasm’ blush (sorry mom)
  • Maybelline Master Chrome in Molten Gold
  • Physicians Formula Bronze Booster bronzer
  • 3 colours from the 35OM Morphe palette on the eyes with a lighter colour from the Marcelle Quintet quad
  • Ardelle lashes
  • some sort of Rimmel brow liner in Hazel which I still have to change; since my hair is so ashy now it doesn’t work but it’s all I have
  • L’oreal Infallible Eyeliner in black, Rimmel Transparent Powder
  • and a combo of L’oreal 401 and Maybelline 540 on my lips

⋆ I really don’t own that much makeup right now so I’ve been just throwing together whatever I can dig out of my drawer. That being said, since I’ve been doing more fashion and beauty posts (and enjoying those makeup videos), I’m going to be aligning with a professional makeup brand! I haven’t started yet but I can’t wait to introduce y’all to it and to wear it in my upcoming beauty posts! I’ve been trying to find a brand that is professional, excellent quality, good for the skin, helps others, and looks amazing, and I have found it! Watch for upcoming posts to find out more and to see some looks. You’ll even be able to purchase what you like and what I wear as well from me! So exciting!

To me, the essence of truly modern makeup is the freedom to be yourself, to express who you are.

—Francois Nars

Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.

—Diane von Furstenberg

I love being super–tough, but if I need to put on a dress and do my hair and makeup, I can do that too.

—Elizabeth Rodriguez

⋆ ‘Free-spirited-creative-artsy-rocker-babe’. I didn’t really set out to accomplish that look but this outfit is definitely giving off that vibe! What’s your favorite part of this look and what would you give a try in your own wardrobe? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you! ♥

Tiffany x

Neutral Basics Love

Back to basics. 👢

◦ I love basics. Sometimes I think what I wear is so plain and boring, why would anyone else even want to know what I’m wearing? In reality though, basics are building blocks to great style at any age or size. Pair your basics with neutral colors and boom…you’ve got a recipe for classic style. Don’t get me wrong. I love a pop of color here and there, and there’s ALWAYS a place for a jewel-toned or floral dress, bright earrings, and a colorful scarf, but there’s just something timeless and lovely about neutral colors. Think beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray, and shades of white.

◦ Once you’ve got your basic wardrobe down you can start having some fun! Pair your neutral basics with a new trend or two like tassels and a hat. Finds like these bring your basics to life and they also get leveled up by your key pieces. I find that it’s in the trendy fashion elements that I can really express myself. They’re also the most fun to purchase and wear.

◦ What are your favorite basics? I have a few, but the ones I’m wearing in these photos are:

  1. Black jeans – any brand works. I love both skinny high-rise and bootcut although I would say a straight-leg is going to ride out the trends longer than the others. The ones I’m wearing here are more of a straight-leg which can be trickier to cuff at the bottom, but do make sure you cuff with booties.
  2. White T-shirts – oversized are best (the one I’m wearing in this post is a men’s). Tees look super cute partially tucked or tied in the front.
  3. Cardigans – layer, layer, layer – my most worn piece! I wear cardigans so often, mainly because I’m usually cold, but they’re also fantastic to cover the butt and they make wearing tights more modest. If you can afford it, cashmere will never go out of style but the one I’m wearing gives the same look for an excellent price.

◦ If animal prints are considered a basic, I would definitely add them to my list at #4. Quick note – if you wear animal prints, don’t overdo it! A hit here or there is just right. I wouldn’t normally wear, or recommend wearing, more than one animal print at a time, but I got crazy on y’all and have on both a leopard-print belt and snakeskin-print booties here. Ahhhh, the quarantine is getting to me! (in my defense, the belt is quite small and only peeks out from the t-shirt so as to not overwhelm). You don’t want to look like Carole Baskin. Just saying!

Hat: H&M Minneapolis; Men’s T-shirt: Boathouse; Cardigan: H&M Jeans: Walmart; Belt: H&M; Boots: Call it Spring (not exactly the same but on sale!!); Jewelry: Trumpet + Tassel

◦ I love all types of hats and toques and have just recently made a hat wall in our bedroom because brimmed hats can get really wrecked if you toss them in the wrong place (lesson learned). I’m a definite ‘Hat Girl’ if there ever was one. Yet, I’ve heard so many other women say, “I can’t wear hats.” Well, I beg to differ! If you’re someone who would love to wear a hat, do it! If you think you’re too old, you’re not! The Baker Boy/Captain’s Cap is so flattering and covers up a bad hair day (or bad quarantine haircut) really well. The one I’m wearing is from H&M in Minneapolis but there are so many places that sell them in various colors and styles for great prices such as SHEIN. Give your hair a tuck on one side or if it’s long, put it in a messy low bun in the back with some tendrils on the sides or leave it hang. Rock it!

Men’s T-shirt: Boathouse; Cardigan: H&M Jeans: Walmart; Belt: H&M; Boots: Call it Spring (not exactly the same but on sale!!); Jewelry: Trumpet + Tassel; Haircut: Me; Painting; Me

◦ And finally, let’s not forget under-garments. I recently discovered the amazing Canadian company called Knix. They have fantastic underwear in neutral colors for a variety of sizes that I seriously love! I have had such a difficult time finding underwear that fits and is comfortable and was so relieved when I found this company. They also send a free lingerie bag with purchase so you don’t wreck your products in the wash.

◦ Now don’t get cheeky on me. I’m not about to show me wearing them but check out their website just in time for Christmas (tell the hubs!) The Leakproof Boyshort in any of the Nudes is my fave for underwear, although they now have a Super Leakproof choice as well. I find their wireless bras are uber comfy – I like the Padded V-Neck Bra with the Wide Strap. I also just ordered their FreshFixAir Face Masks in Black so I’ll let you know what I think when they get here (not a sponsored review). They also carry sports and loungewear.

Tell me about your favorite basics that come in neutrals and look good on women of various ages and sizes. I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Tiffany x

A Touch of France

Bonjour Mademoiselle! ♡

◦ It’s a no-brainer to say that armchair travel and virtual fashion shopping have peaked due to this darn pandemic. I didn’t go any further than my dusty Canadian closet for today’s outfit, inspired by dreams of being abroad.

◦ One of my favorite ways to bring a hint of mystery and that classic foreign vibe to any outfit this season is with a French-styled beret. Pair it with Fall’s hottest haircut, a French bob, and you’re styling in some of the latest looks a’ la Emily in Paris. You can find a really affordable beret online at SHEIN for just $9 CAD, and a super affordable haircut in your very own bathroom.

◦ Now, can we all just pause a moment and say, “thank God” for the recent white runner fad? As my age progresses, I am all for comfort. This fairly new trend is a definite plus for running around and doing errands in style without getting the big blisters that we were so familiar with wearing uncomfortable heels. The white runners I’m wearing are from none other than Walmart Canada! Honestly, these are the perfect alternative to other brands that look the same but cost way more. Best yet, these ones even have a memory foam inside. So comfy and cute! These currently look sold out online but give their Search Engine a go and grab any pair of white sneakers for a great price – Walmart. You’ll be blazing the grocery store aisles in style and comfort.

Peacoat: Old Navy; Turtleneck: Le Chateau; Pants: Dynamite

◦ I always say you can’t go wrong dressing in black. To me, it’s the most flattering and forgiving “color” there is. In addition, if you’re vertically challenged like me, a monochrome palette from head to toe helps elongate and slim the body — a definite recommendation and two thumbs up from me for any body type. I also love the artsy vibe this look gives, and it’s the perfect background for a pop of color in your accessories. I apologize for the cut-off photo’s. For some reason I was completely inept at using my iPhone camera today (by the way, the camera on the Apple iPhone 11 Pro is amazing, the problem is the user). Note to self. Cutting yourself off at the ankle makes you look shorter.

Shoes: Walmart; Peacoat: Old Navy; Turtleneck: Le Chateau; Pants: Dynamite; Purse: Vici; Scarf: no idea

◦ Big Hint ➢ Buy timeless pieces and pair them with current trends. I bought this olive-colored peacoat a few years ago and it has literally never gone out of style since. A modern peacoat is being called a ‘key piece’ for 2020, with luxury labels even putting their own spin on it. I bought this one from Old Navy is a size Medium, and I see on their website that they still have a very similar style available! I would definitely size up on this and if buying a new one I would at least buy a size Large. Check it out at this link ➢ Old Navy. I totally need to buy the camel-colored one as well! No, I am not being sponsored by anyone.

◦ Well, that’s it for today’s OOTD. See you soon for more musings and style, friend!

Tiffany x

Fashion after 50

Is that a thing? I mean, was I supposed to suddenly change my wardrobe the day I went from 49 to 50? 👗

♕ I guess I’m lying right off the bat. This photo was of me last year, taken at 49 for my last fashion Instagram account called “Love Tiffany xo” (that account name is now taken by someone else, not me by the way). It was just starting to pick up speed and I somehow let an unheard shame come on me for being a Christian with an interest in fashion and style. It didn’t seem quite ‘Christian enough’ to be concerned about looks and what to wear. I think though that having an interest in the creative aspect of expressing oneself in fashion without an obsession over looks, is an art form like any other. So here I am being me again. By the way, that blouse I’m wearing is from Winners (doesn’t fit anymore, want it?) and that dog was recently rehomed due to a bite on a kid – my kid to be exact (major tears).

That’s one thing 50 definitely brings – a not caring about what other’s think and a strength to be authentic.

♕ I still have most of the same clothes but really the only difference at 50 is that they fit a little tighter. My fashion style hasn’t changed much this past year other than the fact that I don’t get dressed up much anymore. I mean what’s the point? I work from home, teach from home, and am pretty much in quarantine still due to asthma and an impending major surgery. I don’t get out much to shop these days and I’ve also decided to step more into a minimalistic closet and wardrobe. Why waste money if you don’t need to? There’s something about simplistic living that I’m getting more and more keen to.

Honestly, too much ‘stuff’ gives me hives.

♕ So, amongst many other topics, this blog will include some great fashion finds for women in their late-30’s to 60 that are classic, affordable, and accessible. Most of my shopping comes from super basic places like Winners, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Vici, and yes, Walmart. If you can’t buy it online or in a fairly local store, I likely won’t be wearing it. If it costs a ton I also won’t be modeling it (unless of course someone gifts me something fantastic, hint, hint! ;)) I love to support businesses with heart, locality, and Kingdom-mindedness and am often sporting my own creations from my Trumpet + Tassel jewelry line. I would love to collaborate with other makers and creators to let other women know of great fashion finds that are either handmade, local, socially conscious, stunning, and/or affordable.

I won’t wear what I don’t like or believe in though, just for more followers and likes.

♕ These great fan tassel earrings come from my Trumpet + Tassel line. I’m wearing them in both photo’s and they literally go with everything. Unfortunately, that particular color is now sold out but there are lots of other great colors, especially for Fall/Winter 20, available while they last. I always like to share a great sale and this is a great one – the entire shop is 25% off! Go to this link to purchase. 10% goes to fight cancer.

♕ There’s certain trends that never die, or if they do, they take a long time to do so. Call it a a Stevie Budd look from Schitt’s Creek but it’s definitely one of my Fall go-to looks. So easy, affordable and cute! Get the boots at Blundstone and the plaid shirt at Ardene’s. Same earrings. They literally go with anything.

♕ That ends some of my past looks from 49 that still work at 50. Let’s move along and see what the Winter 20/21 holds for style gals!

Tiffany x